Asus Vivobook x202e (S200) No Network Interfaces

Posted on: Mar 10 2013 Category :Linux > Ubuntu Views: 488 | Subscribe

I just bought an Asus Vivobook x202e (S200) laptop, and after disabling secure boot and booting Ubuntu 12.10 off of a USB stick I noticed that it is not seeing the network adapters (wired or wireless). I have also tried Linux Mint and it is also not seeing anything. I think the wireless is a Broadcom, wired is a Atheros 8162. I don't care if I can't get the wired working, but I need the wireless. Might be hard to get the one working without the other. I have seen other postings indicating the wireless works on this laptop under Ubuntu, so I am not sure why it isn't on mine (works under Win8). Any ideas?


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