Asus Zenbook UX32VD + Ubuntu 13.10 = blank screen on boot/install

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Hi folksI have a Zenbook UX32VD which I have been running with 13.04 (and prior) for a long time - works brilliantly.I recently wanted to try out 13.10 - realizing it was in alpha and now "beta" - but figured I would be ok as I have been good so far with other early releases.Unfortunately not.If I try the Install or Try Ubuntu options, the system hangs with a blank screen (backlight is on). I don't even get any flicker of the splash screen or similar. The system is completely unresponsive to everything except a hard power-off.I tried editing advanced kernel params as follows: nomodeset nosplash (I deleted quiet) and this got me a little further. It booted to the installation, but the top status bar was duplicated about 6 times, consuming about half the screen and it pushed the wizard windows off the bottom of the screen. The result of this was that I couldn't get passed the "Ubuntu One" screen, as the button that you need to click to "log in later" cannot be navigated to with the keyboard, and because it was off-screen, I couldn't hit it with the mouse.I eventually managed to load up a console by hitting CTRL-ALT-1, I sudo su'd and launched light-dm. This allowed me to progress through the installation successfully as I could move windows around.After the installation completed successfully (no errors), the machine boots to a blank screen (no backlight) though I DO hear the Ubuntu drums on startup. I cannot open any kind of console / TTY (the CTRL-ALT-1/2/3/4/etc keys don't do anything.I should say that this situation has persisted through about 2 weeks of daily builds, as well as the milestone builds for alpha (and I think beta, though that may be wrong).I did a bunch of googling to see if I could get the desktop to even launch in some kind of safe mode, but have had no luck. I am reasonably good navigating around both the console and linux desktop, but am no guru - so a lot of the deeper trouble-shooting is beyond me.If anyone is able to help me with some trouble-shooting, I would be most grateful - as I mentioned, given instructions, I am quite comfortable negotiating my way around the command-line, editing config files etc.Here's to hoping! thanks in advance.[edit] For what it's worth, today's SERVER nightly installed without a hitch...D


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