backup fails using default deja dup and folder permissions

Posted on: Oct 16 2013 Category :Linux > Ubuntu Views: 467 | Subscribe

When running a backup using ubuntu's built in default (deja dup) it fails reading some of the directories in my home folder. It fails because for some reason some of the folders are owned by root. Why are some of these folders owned by root in my home directory, and should i correct the problem. I also have another user account where some of the same folders fail because they are also owned by root. Any help in this issue is much appreciated.Running default ubuntu 13.04 64bit fully updated with a couple additional programs installed from some .deb files or ppa's.Folders below that fails and there corresponding current owner.Code:/home/chris/.cache/dconf --- owner is root/home/chris/.config/enchant --- owner is root/home/chris/.config/leafpad --- owner is root/home/chris/.gstreamer-0.10/registry.x86_64.bin --- owner is root/home/chris/.gvfs --- owner is root


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