Can t get my Android Phone recognized by Ubuntu 12.04.3 (Precise)

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Good Evening, thank you in advance for your time and helping me with my question/solution. I recently upgraded from Ububtu 10.04 LTS to 12.04 LTS. When I was using 10.04, I was able to plug in my Android Phone and Lucid would instantly recognize I had plug it in and was able to read off my SD card. This is not the case in Precise as it was in Lucid. Precise does not recognize my phone/SD card at all. Does anybody have a solution(s) for this issue? My phone information is a Samsung Model SPH M820 BST Android Version 2.3.6 Kernel Version Build Number GINGERBREAD FF19 This can not be an issue with the phone its self, cause as I still have Lucid installed on one of my HDD's in my computer, if I boot up in Lucid, plug the phone into the USB cable as usual, the phone would ask me if I want to charge or Mass storage, I choose Mass storage like usual and Lucid still recognizes it like usual. But not Precise. Phone asks me "charge" or "mass storage" I choose mass storage and nothing. It is not listed under the "Places" tab as it was in Lucid as I am using (GNOME Fallback) in Precise and the drive is not located in the "computer" folder either. Any suggestions/solutions would be GREATLY appreciated. Again, than you all for your time and your work you do here. Thanks, Bill


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