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Several items:----commentary on Christian haters not liking that "those Christians" have the latest Android OS and they do not.----"Linux users" items of interest about the tablet---- Included Christian apps etc. on the tablet ---- "cross platform apps" (MAC Ipod, Android etc.)---- "cool things" that young people will like---- AN ODDITIES : messaging and Ubu on the device.a) the Christian haters are just foaming at the mouth that "those" Christians, have the latest Android OS before they do! There are several very LONG threads at various "liberal fora" MOCKING the device.Which rather says something about what is important to certain groups.b) The device has many very good characteristics and this section will mention a few:i) One can install just about any item that is in "Playstore" on the device, however one must be careful about which "device" is chosen. One will probably have an Android phone and the Playstore will offer the phone or the device, which is not the hardware name, for download. Unfortunately this author forgot to jot down the name of the device. It is the second choice and one will recognize that the first choice is one's Android phone.ii) The file structure is typical of a "closed and locked" system for Android on a tablet. The Adobe application is completely closed and will just about not allow anything to be read that is not "purchased" (DRM controlled) or a document that was an attachment or that is uploaded through the sync cable.The "fix" for this is to install the ESfilehandler. All of the file systems are shown with icons and one can navigate in an intuitive manner.ESfilemanager will allow easy copying and pasting etc. which is the oppposite of the provided app.For this author one of the main uses of the device will be for reading e-texts and the provided software is oriented totally toward purchased books.The fix is install Cool Reader, which also works marvellously on the phone.iii) the "Browser" is ok, but the author recommends install Firefox if one likes.iv) KingSoft Office is totally FREE, there are "enhancements" which one pays for that supports the developers, but the point is that one can use KSO on the phone and it works, and it is even BETTER on the tablet.v) Splashtop2 allows one to have a "virtual" Linux desktop on the device. The physical computer has to be "online" for it to work, of course, but it does, indeed, work.If the main computer is wifi especially one should really secure the wifi router and also secure the OS on the computer. A good recommendation would be to have a separate computer for use with Splashtop or at least a seperated physical partition one's computer and use the OS on that partition.BUT....ONE CAN HAVE one's FAV UBU.... on the My|eebo tablet and it works even better than on the phone. :)The "left panel" of Gnome works very well, but the very fine slider in the applications can be rather hard to control.c) Some of the included Christian apps are: .....quite a few songs in a variety of genres......a Bible.......just about every social networking thing that a "young person" would want- Twitter, Facebook, YouTube mail programs, dropbox, etc. are pre-installed......But the IMPORTANT thing is that "somehow" the included file structures, etc. are compatible with all of the various formats from MAC, Windows, Ipad, etc.However, the author has not found a way to actually "use" a truly "open" document, such as .odt, yet, but that may appear later......several "Bible applications" were easily installed from PlayStore, but then uninstalled and the long-reliable "Olive Tree" software was installed and will probably suffice for this author.......E-sword, through both the provide broswer and Firefox worked as expected.......This author also downloaded, manually, all of the presently available .pdfs for the "Geneva Bible".All of it ran seamlessly.RE: ESfile manager, etc. and the Geneva Bible. The default download structure is to "downloads" and one cannot change that because the device is not able to be "rooted" or have an "administrator mode".Thus, the need for a file manager like ESfile manager. Since all of the .pdfs for the Geneva Bible are SEPERATE.One can, yes, purchase the Geneva Bible "intact" but for a young person who wants to "try it" has to get all of the .pdfs corralled into a single file and the provided file manager put it politely, cumbersome. Moral to the story is to get a good file manager so one can make a new file folder and just use a swipe to drag and drop any downloaded files into it.d) COOL STUFF FOR YOUNG PEOPLE..........the device has SIX ( 6 ) live wallpapers in settings/display/wallpapers!! :popcorn:for a $179 (usd) price tag, the young person is going to have a very cool device to show off to friends........Angry Birds has a link on the home page! ...Along with YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Netflix, you name it.........headphones, the "buds" were included as was a "sync cable" which hooks to.....THANK YOU WHOEVER DOES HARDWARE..... a normal "usb" port....and the mini port of a phone. :)For the " young / socially connected / possible student with a "connected school" / with it " young person, a parent could not ask for more in a gift. :pe) oddity about "messaging". Please remember that the device is not a "phone", but...if one installs something like "GO SMS pro" a totally free application ... and one has an Android "g-mail" smart phone........ after a while... the GO SMS pro" messaging app has.... all of the "phone / messaging" contacts in it... It is the considered opinion of this author that "someone" will figure out a hack for this and one will be able to do it.One can also send a traditional "mms" and the app also has a "chat" function which it SAYS can be used to do the "messaging" normally done over a phone, but this author has not attempted it's use.(yes messaging on the device through the phone is a big stretch, and why would one even want to do it, but still the device probably has a LOT of built in capabilites which will appear, probably like Easter Eggs)...... If one does a quick search there is already underway an effort to get "an Ubuntu" on the device.Since it is ARM architecture, but it is a well known architecture, the time frame for actually getting "an Ubuntu" on it will probably be relative small.As a dual boot or from a usb stick.... The Christians are going to have a field day! LOL and the Christian haters are going to be even more envious and...irritated! lolBut....hey.... the next device will be all about "NOT" Christian, so as is the way of all things in the world....the pendulum swings!LVXPrism01


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