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I'm going to try to list as much info as I have for my situation.  I've just set up Win7 32-bit on my Macbook Pro and it is working fine.  Updated and running smooth.  I was able to use the files and instructions on http://www.militarycac.com to get my SCR331 to a "usable" state -- that is, ActivCard recognizes the reader and Win7 says it's working properly (i.e. I have the correct driver installed).  Firmware version is reported as 1.40 and (device?) driver version is reported as 1.39.I have ActivCard Gold 3.1 installed currently, as that's the version that my IT guy gave me back when I was setting it up on my Thinkpad T60 about 3 years ago.  The T60 can still connect to webmail (https://webmail.xxxx.navy.mil) and read email easily, but I'd like to set up Win7 to work on this laptop so I don't have to keep lugging two laptops with me when I go on the road (I know I should be using Vista, but I'm avoiding Vista and XP OEM discs/keys are $140 now).In any event, when I insert my CAC (V5.2 on the back of the card), ActivCard reports it as being inserted in the system tray, but it cannot pull the certificates.  I can copy pasta the error report, but that seems excessive.  ActivCard's Troubleshooting Wizard says "Your card does not comply with any of the known profiles," so on the surface it seems to be an easy fix.I'm still getting used to the format of these MS forums, so if I've duplicated someone's issue, I apologize and ask that you just point me to a link that has a potential solution.I am away from home right now (Memorial Day family trip) so I have limited access to resources; though obviously anything web-related I can get to -- if it doesn't need a CAC card/certificate.  I can provide any other information you wish to help get this up and working.

Source: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/w7itproappcompat/thread/32817608-5982-476d-8023-77c9f28b712d

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