[Answering] Muted "Name Not Available" sound in Volume Mixer

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Good Day,

I'm running Win7 64bit on a brand spanking new laptop. When I boot up the computer the volume mixer shows normal sounds, but a while later a new slider named "Name Not Available" shows up as active (bar is bouncing),muted , and I am unable to un-mute it. When you play with the slider, it sounds like a generic talk-radio show, but I'm not sure about that -- it's sporadic. If I reboot, it starts the cycle again. Everything normal, and a short while later, this muted unnamed slider showing sound activity.

How can I track the source of the sound? I run Winamp (latest) and VLC as media players, but even when I haven't loaded these, the phantom slider appears. Is it from my browser? It's driving me batty.

Thanks in advance for your help and time.

Source: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/w7itprogeneral/thread/69b1e831-ebec-4e4a-b6d2-26726ab9d083

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