[SOLVED]* Windows 7 indexing woes / user folder quota

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Error: Insufficient space to continue indexing.

Symptons: No items in Outlook prior to two months ago are brought up in search. Sporadic search results in folders / full disk. A search in outlook reports that indexing is still in progress. Indexing console reports not enough disk space (99 GB free at this time on a single drive). Attempting to change indexing options via the indexing console freezes the console.

Outlook alert on search states that indexing still in process. Checking indexing interface full disk warning.

Other observations: Users with this issue report that a reinstall does not resolve it.

Probable cause:Running WinDirStat shows the user/schweig folder at 94.6 %  - (0f quota?) with ca. 15gb content. Ie, full. Disk Quota management was on. Removing this does not work. Setting it to unlimited has no impact.  (no partitions, which may be part of the issue - large partitions caused problems in previous windows versions).

Probably not relavent: Search preferences set to include content.

Note: a previous poster was instructed to take the question to the Office 10 forum, although the indexing service ins part of the W7 platform.

desperately seeking solution.


Note: This is a Windows 7 issue, not an office 10 issue, although Office 10 is impacted. Default Indexing setting includes all files and cannot be changed due to console freeze. Registry hacks?


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