[SOLVED]* you do not have permission to view or edit this object permission settings windows 7 external hard drive

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I am having an issue with an external hard drive.

Originally it was used as a backup drive for my computer. When I went to update the drive to my current computer, the drive crashed. Since then I had a pop up saying the drive must be formatted before it can be used by my computer. The drive looks to be empty when it appears in the my computer section. When I try to access it this is the message I get. Please help me take control of my drive (Try to make it easy for me!) so I can make it a backup drive once again.

"you do not have permission to view or edit this object permission settings"


If it helps any, it is a 2tb Seagate external drive. It stands up and looks identical to this one


  • Right the drive , in your case it is "j:\", then select "Properties"

  • Select "Security" tab and click "Edit" button

  • Select "Users" from "Group or Users", then "tick" Full Control. If the user is not in the list then click "Add" button, click "Advanced", Click "Find Now".

  • Select the user from the list and press "OK", Again "OK".

  • Now enable "Full Control" option by clicking the check box (tick), press "OK", again "OK".

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