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How to Clean Boot Windows OS ? Win 7 and 8 OS

Submitted by Vidhu on Apr 20 2014 Views: 3974 | Subscribe

Booting a Windows system with basic set of drivers and startup programs is called clean boot.
This procedure is used to troubleshoot conflicts with software, drivers and Windows update issues.

  1. Log on to the computer system as Administrator.
  2. Open System Configuration Utility (MSCONFIG).
  3. Click Start button, type msconfig in the Start Search box or press "Windows button + R" to open "Run" then type msconfig , and then press ENTER.
  4. Enter the administrator password , if prompted by UAC (User Account Control ).
  5. Uncheck/clear "Load startup items under "General" tab in msconfig
  6. Now go to "Services" tab and then click "Hide All Microsoft Services" check box
  7. Click Disable all, then click OK, click "Yes"  when you are prompted for restart.

NB: Revert the changes after troubleshooting.  Select "Normal Startup"

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