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How to Run a program as Administrator in Windows 8 ?

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  • Go to start menu or Apps screen , right click or press hold the app which you want to run as administrator. Now you can see application task-bar at the bottom of the screen , click Run as Administrator. Now the application starts with admin power.
Windows 8 run as administrator

Run as Administrator using shortcut keys

  • Press "CTRL"+"SHIFT" keys and then click or tap on the application which you want to run with admin power. Now the application starts with admin power.

How to run a pinned program as administrator ?

  • Press "CTRL"+"SHIFT" key and click the pinned program, it will run as administrator.
  • OR
  • Press "CTRL"+"SHIFT" key and right click the pinned program, then click Run as administrator.
  • Windows 8 Pinned program  run as administrator

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