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How to remove Conficker/Downadup/Kido Worm ?

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Step 1: Download these tools using an uninfected PC .

  • Download AVG Rescue CD and burn to a CD.
  • Download appropriate Microsoft Security Update from the list given below Conficker and burn it to a CD.

Step 2: Insert the AVG Rescue CD into the infected system's CD/DVD drive and boot the PC from the CD.

Step 3: Follow all steps given in this link.

Step 4: After the Clean up process.

  • The network access must remain disconnected or disabled.
  • Start your PC.
  • Insert the CD with Microsoft Security Update into the CD drive and run the security patch .
  • Password protect all "Shared Folders". Change Windows user passwords , the new password must contain with alpha, numeric, special characters, lower case and upper case characters.
  • Install an Anti-Virus and Firewall software and then connect the network cable and update your Anti Virus.
  • Run Windows Update .
  • Run a full system scan using the Antivirus.

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