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ESSID not showing up when creating ad-hoc network

Posted on: Jun 26 2014 Category :Linux > Ubuntu Views: 1004 | Subscribe

I need some help fixing an ad-hoc network.If I create an ad-hoc network with my PC or Mac then connect to it with Ubuntu boxes everything works as documented. I can even run the DHCP server on one of my Ubuntu boxes and the others will get their IPs from it.However If I don't have an existing ad-hoc network and I first bring up my Linux boxes I can't find the ESSID from the mac or PC or other linux boxes. I have tried several different methods of configuration:1) Using the network manager applet.2) Using a script (iwconfig, ifconfig) which is attached as setup.txt 3) Using /etc/network/interfaces which is attached as interfaces.txtAlways the same result. Everything seems to work but I can not connect. Here are my questions:1) What log files should I be looking in? Where can I see error messages?2) Are there any kernel configuration that I should turn on? I am using stock 64bit 14.04 and I do install updates.3) Has anyone done an only ubuntu ad-hoc network with 14.04? What kind of NIC did you use? 4) Does anyone have any advice on how to track this through the kernel? I tried grep-ing for ESSID or essid in the driver code but did not find much other than a field in a structure. Thank for any help you can give.David Moffatt.PS a bunch of ubuntu web pages asked you to run a little set of diagnostic commands and post the results when asking wifi questions. Also attached is the result of that. It is called output.txt.gzAttached Filesinterfaces.txt (280 Bytes)output.txt.gz (9.7 KB)setup.txt (415 Bytes)

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