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grey screen, no boot ubuntu 14.04

Posted on: Jun 25 2014 Category :Linux > Ubuntu Views: 1008 | Subscribe

I have a home built system running Windows XP. I've been trying to install ubuntu 14.04 LTS by various methods with varying degrees of "success", but have not been able to boot the OS. I get as far as selecting ubuntu on the boot choice menu, then the screen goes black. After about two minutes the screen goes grey, no mouse pointer, no keyboard input and locks in this state. The HDD LED flickers/flashes on and off indicating hard disk activity. The only way to come out of this lockup is to reboot into XP! (The ungrateful thing!!) This behaviour has also happened trying to install other ubuntu distros, leading me to believe there is a problem with my system/hardware settings, but I have no idea how to work around this problem. Any help will be greatly appreciated, I have tried the OS on a friend's computer and it works just the way I need, "right out of the box". Please help! I'm desperately trying to ditch Windows permanently, mainly because it forces regular hardware upgrades, which can become quite expensive for a person with limited budget...

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