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Opinions on bash script.

Posted on: Jun 28 2014 Category :Linux > Ubuntu Views: 1067 | Subscribe

I'd like some opinions on this script I wrote that organizes photos into a year/month directory structure out of my dropbox folder on a permanent loop, it's been changed many times over the years since I first scribbled it down, it got very long and convoluted, then recently I pretty much scrapped it and re-wrote it cutting away a lot of unnecessary bits. I'd like to know what people think of my code and if anyone has any constructive criticism of my bash techniqueCode:#!/bin/bash #~ run on: desktop #~ Photo Sorter #~ A script to sort photos in date ordered directories #~ Mark Skinner #~ Created 04/03/2012 #~ last modified 27/06/2014 #~ Requires jhead to be installedset -xwhile true; do # sleep for 5mins sleep 5m # determine files for iteration while read -d $'' photo ; do # obtain photo timestamp timestamp=$(jhead "$photo" | grep Date/Time) # strip full path name from photo photo=$(basename "$photo") # obtain year and month year=${timestamp:15:4} month=${timestamp:20:2} # if year and month both exist if [ $year ] && [ $month ]; then # rename photo whilst capturing new photo name renamed_photo=$(jhead -n%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S $HOME/Dropbox/Camera Uploads/"$photo" |awk -F '/' {'print $(NF)'}) # mv photo to new location mkdir -p $HOME/Pictures/$year/$month; mv -n $HOME/Dropbox/Camera Uploads/"$renamed_photo" $HOME/Pictures/$year/$month/ fi done<

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