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Setup Hostname instead of IP on local network

Posted on: Jun 25 2014 Category :Linux > Ubuntu Views: 824 | Subscribe

I'm currently playing around with Ubuntu Server setup on VirtualBox, I've been able to install a virtual instance of Ubuntu server without a problem, I've also been able to web content hosted on that server using the host machine by going to the IP address.But I want to use the hostname instead of the IP address as its a little easier, I thought this would be as easy as writing the server name in my browser (I have Mythbuntu on another machine and this works in this way)I've done some googling but get some very complex answers, sure there must be an easier option. I have also read about modifying the host files on my host machine but I'd like to try and not use this approach if I can.Sure this is really obvious, but really seem to be struggling.Thanks in advance.

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