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Simple criteria for desktop environment to replace Unity

Posted on: Jun 27 2014 Category :Linux > Ubuntu Views: 932 | Subscribe

Hi, I am considering either Xfce4 or lxde or Gnome Flashback to replace Unity.I am definitely not out to fall for bells and whistles, just something more rational than Unity.Criteria are:- Configurabililty of menus and expandable submenus, I just want to be able to delete some entries, change the name of others, create new ones in those menus... - LightnessIt should not hog system memory.- compatibility with the 3 add-ons and 2 apps below:- TLP,- Psensor- iBus language icon- Skype- Transmission each with icons in the "system bar" or whatever it is called.So the question is: which of the three DEs satisfies those criteria ? (Configurability from the point of view of menu entries and expandable submenus comes first)-ced

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