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Why is there no Noobuntu for total beginners?

Posted on: Jun 26 2014 Category :Linux > Ubuntu Views: 913 | Subscribe

This is not a technical question so that's why I am posting this here. I am just asking for the average users' opinion. I am currently dual-booting Ubuntu, but I really wish I could use it as my only primary operating system, however it hasn't advanced yet to where non-technical people can use it and conclude that it "just works".Ubuntu is already very user-friendly, but for example when I want to download a program for capturing video from my webcam, there are some vague tutorials on the internet and I have found only very buggy applications on the Software Centre. So while Ubuntu is really heading towards average-Joe-acceptance, browsing through the Software Centre still feels like finding my way out of a maze of unfinished programs.Also, there is a prejudice that Ubuntu-users do not need a Graphical User Interface.Most online tutorials require advanced (!) knowledge of the Terminal (it starts with the simple action of dual-booting and installing Ubuntu). Really? Are we still living in the Middle Ages?Why can't you also tinker an OS with simple buttons and sliders, using built-in human-readable exceptions and error messages? That's why I am suggesting Noobuntu: Ubuntu for the common man that wants his open source operating system to "just work".I am new to this forum, and this forum post is not meant to be rude, but rather as a suggestion that may improve Ubuntu's chances of survival.

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