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[kubuntu] Wireless driver disables mobile broadband.

Posted on: Jun 26 2014 Category :Linux > Ubuntu Views: 1129 | Subscribe

Hi. I have an Asus x550c laptop, Kubuntu 14.04 with Atheros wifi card, module ath9k, which demands to aplly such workaround: echo "options asus_nb_wmi wapf=1" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/asus_nb_wmi.conf, to work. But when I've done it my USB dongle Huawei e3131 stopped working, it's not visible in system using console nor by KDE's device manager not mentioning that there's no internet available. But usb modem worked without any problems before I've made changes which allowed me to use my wifi. So now, I can use only mobile broadband, but wifi unavailable or in opposite using only wifi, after applaying "patch" but then without mobile net, not even Huawei's dongle as pendrive. My dream is to be able to work with both and disabling/enabling them only through KDE's network managment not by wrting/deleting proper file for wifi and restarting PC each time I want to change my net provider. Maybe you know how to fix it?

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