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[SOLVED]* "No Printers were found" Net work Printer Error

Posted on: Nov 21 2012 Category :Windows > Win7networking Views: 36239 | Subscribe

Solved : Go to Solution

Im running Windows 7 Enterprise x64. When I try and add a network printer from our Print Server here in the office I get the following message:

Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000bc4). No printers were found.

I have tried manually adding the printer by browsing the print servers share and clicking on the print. I have tried manually adding by providing the the full share name of a printer. All result in the same error message above.

The fun part is everyone else in the office can use the print server just fine. Including my co-worker who is running Win7 Enterprise x64 bit as well. Yes we have x64 drivers installed on the print server, as well.

Any ideas?

Make sure that you have the latest compatible driver, an incompatible or old driver may cause issues like this. Also make sure that you have the correct permission to access the printer.
**Windows 7 and 8 can install the driver through "Windows update" .

Try this

Use windows troubleshooter to rectify the issue.

Go to Control panel -> Open Troubleshooter -> select "Printer" from the list.

Control Panel Trouble Shoot Printer

Click next button and then select the printer your want to troubleshoot.


How to install a network printer from print server ?

1.Go to "Control Panel ->Hardware and Sound -> Devices and Printers" .

Control Panel ->Hardware and Sound -> Devices and Printers

2. Press Add a Printer.
3.Click "Create new port:" and then select "Add a local printer".

4. Select "Create a new port". Choose "Local Port" as the type of the port and press "Next" button .

Click  "Create new port:" and then  select "Add a local printer".

5. Now "Enter a port name" input box appears here type the address in this format and click next.


for eg: \\\hp1006 or you can use hostname/computer name ie: \\printersever1\hp1006

6. On this screen you will be asked to choose the driver for the printer, if you have the driver disk then put CD into the drive and chose i have a disk , if you don't have the driver , let Windows download the driver , click "Windows Update".

7. Go through the rest of the settings as usual printer installation.


This posting is provided AS IS with no warranties and confers no rights! Always test ANY suggestion in a test environment before implementing!

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