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[SOLVED]* Windows Activation Error 0XC004C020

Posted on: Sep 10 2012 Category :Windows > Windows7installsetup Views: 28072 | Subscribe

Solved : Go to Solution

I am having an issue Activating my copy of Win7 to a computer, I re-installed Windows on this computer 3 times in the last year, no-one else has access to this key and it has only been used on that computer, I tried to use the Automative Phone Service but i cant seem to find it, when i go to computer properties and click activate there is only 2 options, activate online now and ask me later, if i do the activate now i get the error code 0XC004C020 which says it has been activated on multiple computers, but it then gives me the option to contact microsoft by phone to help solve this problem but it takes me to windows help and support, and does not give a phone number of which to call in any of the links. Please help.



1. Click Start, and in the Search box type: "slui.exe 4" (without quotes)
2. Select Phone Activation option and activate your windows through phone .
These Windows Activation pages will be helpful to you :

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