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[Answering] Change from Domain to Local System removed User Account. Need to link c:\users\name to new 'user' account.

Posted on: Jun 26 2014 Category :Windows > Win7networking Views: 906 | Subscribe

Help Please!  It was suggested I post this question here.

My main user account is corrupted somehow.  When I try and login it immediately logs out.  This is after some user account problems...


I changed my laptop from a Domain to a Local Machine.  This deleted my domain user Account but my files etc. are still in C:Usersmyaccountname.

I followed the instructions below from the Microsoft community Forum to attempt recreating the linked User Account:

Boot into Safe Mode. Click Start. Type the three letters cmd into the Search box. Press Ctrl+Shift+Enter Click "Run as Administrator". Type the following command and press Enter:net user(can you see the missing accounts? If yes, stop right here.) Rename the folder c:UsersJohnDoe to c:UsersJohnDoe.org(replace "JohnDoe" with an actual profile folder name) Recreate the account JohnDoe. Switch users, then log on as JohnDoe. Log off from the JohnDoe account. Delete the newly created profile folder c:UsersJohnDoe. Rename the folder c:UsersJohnDoe.org to c:UsersJohnDoe. Adjust the permissions for the folder c:UsersJohnDoe so that the user JohnDoe has full access to his profile folder.

This recreated the user account but it won't log in now. When I try and login it churns and then logs out. 

System specs.

-Lenovo T410

-Win7Pro Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601

-Most drivers up to date

Numerous fails in Event viewer...  tried to fix a few items like task scheduler still having the old domain "Domainmyaccountname" as user account to use for several tasks, but I am now out of ideas.

No system restore points reported by System Restore (unlikely since I recall several being created relatively recently) but that may be because I am logged in on a backup Admin user account.

Any suggestions or ideas appreciated.

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