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[Answering] DISM Image Capture to Network

Posted on: Jun 28 2014 Category :Windows > Windows7installsetup Views: 3403 | Subscribe

Good Morning,

I have my reference image Windows 7 PC and in preparation for setting up WDS I would like to capture the reference image. I have booted into WinPE and have tried to run imagex to capture the image but I received an error advising that imagex is not compatible with this version of windows. As a result I have resorted to using DISM to capture the image.

I would like to capture the image to a network share that I have setup. After booting into WinPE on the reference PC I did the following -

net use z: "\serverdeployment share"diskpart > select disk c > select partition 2 > assign letter=S > exitdism /capture-image /imagefile:S:win7.wim /capturedir:Z: /name:Win7Image

After running the command on step 3 I received the following error -

Error: 161

The specified path is invalid

Can anyone advise where I am going wrong? Is it even possible to capture to a network share using DISM?

Jeet S

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