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[Answering] WebClient functional or not?

Posted on: Jun 25 2014 Category :Windows > Windows Server General Views: 1011 | Subscribe


 we were asked to setup simple transfer of XML files from our local drive(or net share) to WebDAV somewhere on internet.

 Tried to accomplish this with PowerShell and VBS I ended up with classic "NET USE" command in cmd, this is the only working way but not working exactly as we need. WebDAV is connected over SSL which seems to be unmanagable solution in Windows, the exact working command is this: "net use https://server/path/deeperpath" USER:username" WITHOUT password. Command than asks for password and voila, I am connected to DAV and can copy files onto DAV. I can use also version with assigning a letter to DAV share. There is a one small problem, we would like to put this command into batch and that means putting the password before/after /USER:username, than error 1244 occurs...

The client is evidently "doing something" when password is not entered with command itself because it také about 2 seconds before it asks, to me it seems like it tried different methods for authenticating/connecting.

 Tried to set the registry(BasicAuth, Proxy), imported certificate from server to TRCA, setting passive FTP mode(WHY??) in IE and almost everyhing I found on inet but in batch it just wont work. Can someone please tell what is WebDAV redirector or client in the mystical phase when asking for password? And how to force the client to do the exact same thing when in batch? Thank you very much.



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