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[SOLVED]* What is 'Thumbnail Handler Extraction Host'

Posted on: Jul 15 2013 Category :Windows > Windows8 General Views: 17197 | Subscribe

Solved : Go to Solution

I was helping someone set up their new Windows 8 PC. They already had Office 2013, Skype, SkyDrive, some HP software for their printer, and a few other software items, such as 'Classic Start 8' start button installed. We started a Windows Remote Assistance session, so I could help them install Adobe Acrobat XI Standard. We were nearly through the install when the screen started flashing every few seconds.

Although the flashing made the Windows Desktop UI very hard to use, I was eventually able to bring up the task manager to see that each flash seemed to correspond to a new process being created for 'Thumbnail Handler Extraction Host'. There must have been a hundred or more of the processes running before we rebooted. After the reboot the PC would seem fine when we stayed in the modern interface, but as soon as the desktop was entered the flashing would start. Subsequent reboots would have the same behavior.

I eventually had them do the 'Refresh your PC without affecting your files' procedure through the modern interface, but when they were reinstalling their desktop software eventually the flashing came back.

Would someone know what the 'Thumbnail Handler Extraction Host' process does, and if there might be a way to avoid it? I saw some other posts where Skype was mentioned with a 'Thumbnail Handler Extraction Host' error.

Refreshing your Windows 8 installation may solve this issue

How to refresh Windows 8 OS?

  • Go to "Change PC Settings" (Combination key : Press Windows button + I)
  • Click "Update and Recovery"
  • Now click "Recovery"
  • Under "Refresh your PC without affecting your files" click "Get Started" .
Windows 8 PC Refresh without affecting files

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