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[Answering] Who uses all our Internet

Posted on: Jun 25 2014 Category :Windows > Windows Server General Views: 955 | Subscribe

Hello everybody

I run a Microsoft 2008 Server. I have my own buisness and so I have some workers.

When i hire them they can have there own computers with them to work, to work faster and feel better about working here, and i t is easier for them to take the work with them home if they want to. And so they leave me their Mac-adresses so they have acces to the net.

BUT, i have noticed that our Internet, sometimes run really slow. I then started to work on it, and looked at the routers and at the server. But i did not find anything wrong. that was until i saw that a worker was downloading a movie.Now i dont wanna see what people are doing, but i have heard that Server 2008 can in fact see what IP or Mac address that is using up all the Internet. I dont know how i can go in and see that, so please if someone has a good guide to how i use Server 2008 for that purpose, then please write.

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