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[Answering] Win 7 Restore of System Image - doesn't see image files

Posted on: Jun 28 2014 Category :Windows > Windows7 Hardware Compatibility Views: 970 | Subscribe

My Windows 7 Pro PC was running periodic system image and data file backups to network attached storage for many months, using the traditional Backup and Restore program. The hard drive recently crashed, and I want to restore the latest system image backup onto an empty, new hard drive. Booting from a system repair disc actually "sees" system image backups from 5 other domain PCs on the NAS, but not this one. I copied the WindowsImageBackup{computer name} folder off the NAS to an external hard drive, but the restore process still doesn't detect it as an eligible image to use. Is there a way to know whether my image files are somehow damaged, misnamed, etc.? I really need this image in order to get back to where I was before the crash.  Thanks for any thoughts!

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