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Top 10 Free Password Managers

Submitted by Vidhu on Dec 27 2017 Views: 808 | Subscribe

Top 10 Password Managers 2018

Why you need a Password Manager?

Nowadays everyone of us have several online accounts, sometimes dozens of accounts to manage and remembering all those account credentials are impossible. Password manager software helps you to store and manage passwords securely, it also helps you to generate strongpasswords, all you need is to create and remember one master password to access and manage all online accounts.

Top 10 Free Password Managers

1. Zoho Vault

  1. Store unlimited passwords and notes
  2. Attach files/documents
  3. Access from computers, smartphones, and tablets
  4. Automatically log in to websites
  5. Generate strong passwords
  6. Define and enforce a password policy
  7. Track password access and activities
  8. Offline access
  9. Import and export passwords
  10. Two-factor authentication
  11. Mobile access (Android, iOS and Windows)
  12. Browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  13. Password assessment report
  14. Personal use is free.

Download Zoho Vault Password Manager- Free

2. Dashlane
  1. Password Manager
  2. Form Auto-fill
  3. Digital Wallet
  4. Password Generator
  5. Password Changer
  6. Security Alerts

Download Dashlane Password Manager - Free
3. Sticky Password Premium
  1. Password Manager
  2. Auto-fill
  3. Form Filling
  4. Bio-metrics
  5. Super Secured Data
  6. Two-Factor Authentication
  7. Supports All Major Platforms

Download Sticky Password Manager Free

4. Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault
  1. Password Manager and Generator
  2. Strongest Encryption
  3. Cloud Security Vault
  4. Auto-fill
  5. Secure Private File storage
  6. Identity and payment information
  7. Form Filling
  8. Bio-metrics
  9. Two-Factor Authentication
  10. Supports All Major Platforms

Download Keeper Password Manager - Free

5. Password Boss Premium v2.0
  1. Unlimited password storage
  2. Unlimited devices on your account
  3. Automatic login to websites and apps
  4. 2-step verification
  5. Unlimited sharing of passwords
  6. Strong encryption with AES-256
  7. Create unique passwords for every website
  8. Save your digital records
  9. Auto fill

6. LastPass
  1. Access on all devices
  2. One-to-one sharing
  3. Save & fill passwords
  4. Password generator
  5. Secure notes
  6. Security challenge
  7. Multi-factor authentication

7. LogMeOnce
  1. PhotoLogin - Password less access by Selfie
  2. Fingerprint - PasswordLess access by fingerprint!
  3. PIN Code: PasswordLess access by digits!
  4. Password: Still love passwords? You can use it!
  5. Anti-Theft
  6. Mobile MDM
  7. Password Dialer
  8. Kill-Pill
  9. Smart Menu
  10. Centralized Dashboards
  11. Application Catalogue
  12. Personal USB, 2FA Token
  13. Multi Factor Authentication
  14. Emergency Access with Photo
  15. Visual OTP
  16. Anti-Lock
  17. Productivity Dock
  18. Selfie2FA
  19. Secure Wallet
  20. Secure Notes
  21. Custom-Made Security
  22. LogMeOnce Mugshot
  23. PasswordLess PhotoLogin
  24. Password Management

9. AgileBits 1Password 6

10. RoboForm
  1. Unlimited logins
  2. Fills forms
  3. Password audit
  4. Password generator

11. True Key by Intel Security
  1. Face - Login with your facial math
  2. Fingerprint
  3. 2nd Device
  4. Master Password
  5. Email
  6. Trusted Device
  7. Windows Hello

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