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How to configure Omantel D-Link ADSL Modem ?

Submitted by Vidhu on Sep 08 2018 Views: 739 | Subscribe

This article will help you to configure your Omantel's D-Link ADSL Modem. Omantel ADSL supports all types of DSL modems available in the market and the configuration is same as D-link. Please follow these instructions to complete your Omantel router settings.

Modem Login Details

ADSL Configuration

  • VPI [Virtual Path Identifier]: 0
  • VCI [Virtual Circuit Identifier]: 35
  • Service Category: UBR without PCR
  • Protocol: PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE)
  • Encapsulation Mode: LCC
  • PPP User Name: <Omantel ADSL username provided by Omantel>
  • PPP Password: <ADSL Password>
  • Authentication Method: AUTO
  • WAN Service Type: Internet
  • Dial-up mode: AlwaysOn

Let's start configuration

Open your favorite web browser (Chrome/Firefox/Internet explorer) and type Omantel Modem IP (or click this link ->): ->press enter key




Click "Internet Setup"


 Select "DSL"


Click "Add button" located under "Ethernet Setup". Enter this configuration
  • VPI: 0
  • VCI: 35
  • Service category: Select UBR without PCR


 Connection type
  • Select PPoE (PPP over Ethernet) as protocol.
  • Encapsulation Mode: LLC
  • Tick IPv4 check box


Click Apply button to save the configuration and the router will automatically restart to apply new configuration. Please few minutes and enjoy your surfing.


Omantel D-Link ADSL Modem Router Configuration Video

Tags: Omanel, Dlink modem, Omantel Cofiguration
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