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How to remove virus using AVG Rescue CD ?

Submitted by Vidhu on Mar 25 2012 Views: 13168 | Subscribe

The instructions given below are for Windows installed PCs.

Before you begin

  1. Please make sure that you have a verified back of all your data.
  2. Disable or disconnect the Network access from Windows OS (If you are using a Wired connection , just remove the cable).
  3. Download AVG Rescue CD image and burn it to CD using a Clean PC.

Step :1 Booting

Boot your system from the AVG Rescue CD .

Step :2 Disclaimer

Select AVG Rescue CD from the first screen and press Enter.

Select "I Agree" and press Enter.

AVG Rescue CD : Disclaimer

Step :3

AVG Rescue CD : main menu

Step :4 Online Update

Select "Update" from the menu and perform an online update. By default AVG rescue CD will auto-configure using DHCP , if you want to manually configure go to step 6,7,8,9,10,11 .

AVG Rescue CD : Online Update

Step :5

Select "Virus database update", now AVG Rescue CD will download the latest virus defenitions from the AVG website.

AVG Rescue CD :Update priority

Step :6 Configure Network

AVG Rescue CD : Configure network

Step :7 Configure Network : Interface configure

Select "Interface" to configure your network interface.

AVG Rescue CD : Select interface

Step :8

Select network interface and press Enter

AVG Rescue CD : Interface eth0

Step :9

Select "Static" if you want to perform manual configuration.

AVG Rescue CD : DHCP or Static Selection

Step :10

Enter IP address, net mask, gateway and DNS server address and press Enter

AVG Rescue CD : Assigning Static IP

Step :11 Set up proxy (Skip this step if you are not using proxy server)

Select "Proxy" and press Enter.

AVG Rescue CD : Select Proxy configuration

Enter "y" to enable internet access through proxy, enter your proxy server IP address, port, username, and password

Step :12 Configure and run on-demand scan.

Select "Scan" and press Enter

AVG Rescue CD : Select Scan

Step :13 Scan Type

Select "Volumes" and press Enter

AVG Rescue CD : Scan type - Volume, directory, boot sector

Step :14

From the given list of volumes, select the "Volumes" you want to scan. I will be better to scan all volumes.

AVG Rescue CD : Select Volumes to Scan

Step :15 Scan Options

Press "Enter" and start the scan.

AVG Rescue CD : Scan Options

Step :16 Scan status

If the AVG found any virus or malware infection in your system then it will show on this screen. Press Enter to continue to the clean up screen.

AVG Rescue CD : Scan Scatus

Step 17: Cleanup Action

On this screen you will be provide options like "Heal", "Delete" ,"Move" the infection.
Try to heal the infected file, Do not delete any files, it could be a Windows system file, if you do then your system may not function properly.
Select the appropriate action and press Enter to start the clean up process. After cleanup go to the main menu , select "Restart" option. Remove the CD and restart your PC. Important: Remove the network cable or disable the network connection. If you are in LAN where you have other systems connected to the network, then do not connect your system to the network, first update Windows and your Anti-Virus. Then connect your system.

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