Download Autologon for Windows 7, 8, 10

Autologon.exe is a free tool developed by Sysinternals (Microsoft) to easily enable built-in autologon mechanism. This tool will encrypt credentials entered by the user and save it in Windows registry. During booting windows will logon automatically with username and password saved in the registry using  Autologon.exe. Autologon will not work if Exchange Activesync password restrictions are enabled.

How to configure automatic logon using Autologon.exe ?

  • Now a dialogue box will appear, enter username, domain and password

  • Click “Enable” button.

How to configure auto logon from command prompt ?

Syntax : autologon username domain password

How to disable automatic logon ?

  • Execute “Autorun.exe” 
  • Enter the credentials and hit “Disable” button.

Download Autologon from Microsoft’s website.

How to bypass automatic admin logon process ?

  • Press and hold “Shift” key during restart or after logoff.