Fujitsu lifebook ah512. Secure boot options blocked in bios

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Hi I want to dual boot Ubuntu & win 8. Done a lot of research which I found very conflicting. It ranges from easy peasy to almost impossible. Decided the first step was to familiarise myself with the Fujitsu Bios which is where I met the first big problem. It would appear that the the options to change CSM to enable, and secure boot to disable have been blocked.The up/down arrow keys have been disabled for all options on this page, as detailed below.Is this Jujitsu Lifebook only.?? Has anyone heard of it before?? Is there a fix to unblock.?? BIOS INFO. Laptop Fujitsu Lifebook AH512 BIOS 1.08 (10/02/2012) SECURE BIOS FAST BOOT Enabled. I can enable/disable Fast Boot by highlighting with the up/down arrows and using the space bar. CSM Disabled: I cannot change this. When using the down arrow it bypasses CSM and goes directly to the PXE boot protocol below. This prevents highlighting so cant change. Security & Boot Configurations page Secure Boot Enabled Protected Signatures Enabled (user mode) Customized Signatures Disabled (Standard) Secure Boot Option Enabled Change to customized signature Enter Change to manufacturing default Enter. The up/down arrows dont work on this page so I cant highlight anything to change. Despite this the F1 button quotes “configures secure boot features” Also one would think that the option to reset to manufacture default would definitely be accessible????? Thanks


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