Need help clean-installing ubuntu 13.04 alongside windows 7

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Hi all,A few days ago, I had ubuntu 12.04 installed alongside windows 7 on a dual boot partition across 2 different hard disks. I needed to re-size '/' as it was running out of space. Finding that it would be quite risky to do that as it would have involved moving many partitions around, I decided I would simply wipe everything off that hard disk and simply install Ubuntu on it from scratch. Therefore, I did that with Gparted. Then I ran an Ubuntu 13.04 liveUSB and first selected the "Do something else" option. I couldn't quite figure out what to do there so I went back and selected the "Install alongside Windows 7".After installation, I re-booted, selected ubuntu from the OS-choice menu and got the GRUB console! Figuring that it was a problem with the first boot menu not directing the "Ubuntu" choice to the right partition, I used EasyBCD in Windows 7 to change it to various partitions but in vain. I am therefore now stuck with only Windows 7 and would appreciate your help in figuring out what exactly the problem is. Below are GParted screenshots of my hard disks after the Ubuntu 13.04 installation, for your consideration -SDC.pngSDB.pngSDA.pngAttached ImagesSDC.png (51.8 KB)SDB.png (47.4 KB)SDA.png (42.6 KB)


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