[SOLVED]* HomeGroup: error 0x80630203 / Leaving/joining the homegroup is not possible

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I have the following problems with the HomeGroup:

I choose View or print the homegroup password: The password window does not pop up. Without the password no other computer can join the homegroup.

I choose Change password: On your computer it is not possible to create a homegroup.

I choose Leave the homegroup: Your computer could not leave the homegroup.


I checked the following services:

HomeGroup Provider: started

HomeGroup Listener: started

Peer Name Resolution Protocol: not started; error 0x80630203

Peer Networking Grouping service: not started; error 1068.

Peer Networking Identity Manager service: started

PNRP Machine Name Publication Service: not started; error 1068.


Who can give advice?

Go to "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA" and then rename "MachineKeys" folder to "MachineKeys-old". Create a new folder "MachineKeys" and right click the "MachineKeys" folder , select "Properties" and click "Security" tab. then set "Full Control" permissions to "Everyone".
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