[Answering] Need help for Windows Time Service and time synchronization between client and server

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      I am trying to sync Windows XP client system with Windows Server 2008 which is a domain controller as per suggested by MSDN. But I am getting some failure message on command "w32tm /resync /rediscover "

Error message -Sending resync command to local computer...The computer did not resync because only stale time data was available.

Would you please answer me the following quetions.

What is the recommend way to set up a WindowsXP machine to time sync to a Windows2008 server using only NTP and a bounded polling interval?What are the consequence of w32tm /rediscover /resync? In particular is it containded by the “NtpServer” registry entry or can it sync to whatever server happens to announce first and most importantly can it change the “NtpServer” registry value?


Ashish T.

Source: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/winservergen/thread/05295fbc-c777-4510-9cbf-6b42c284a1ee

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