[SOLVED]* Optional update delivery is not working

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HiAll of a sudden over the last couple of days i have started getting a pop up windos entitled "optional update delivery is not working", with a warning i a may be a victim of software counterfeiting. I think windows update is working, as it says i am up to date, and last updated itself yesterday which is after the time i first stated getting this message.Is microsoft aware of this, and is everything ok on my computer?  I'm hoping it's something like messenger or live mail trying to update, and refusing because i am running an unrecognised version, however, it would be useful if whatever is causing the error were to indentify itself, or would that help piracy.Anyway, could someone let me know if there is nothing to worry about, or whether i need to fix anything.Thanks

  1. Download and run Windows Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Tool http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=52012 (Minor issues will be solved by running this tool.)

  2. If the problem is not solved, then try to Activate your windows again .( click Windows 7 Start button and type "Activate Windows")

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