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Windows 8.1 Pro. When I connect a removable USB Drive, system stupidly creates  RECYCLE.BIN and System Volume Information with single file  IndexerVolumeGuid even after a full formating.Restore points creating  is off on that drive. As the name "IndexerVolumeGuid",  I thought that maybe Windows Search service prevents delete  IndexerVolumeGuid and System Volume Information respectively. I stopped and  Disabled the service, rebooted,  but system still does not allow not rename or delete System Volume Information folder. I'm owner System Volume Information folder and IndexerVolumeGuid file,  Permissions just for me and SYSTEM.In IndexerVolumeGuid file is only entry with strange GUID {8B1F6EAD-C445-47EA-BD68-CD54AA51567F}. Nor in the registry does not exist such GUID, nor Google does not know this one.In Recicle Bin Properties now there is no way to specify which disk is to create a Recicler. when I try to remove it - it will appear again after reboot. How to remove all this stuff forever, and to force system not to go on this disc?And after ...  Always two explorer.exe runs in the process somehow. Even if I kill the second and first restart, any action leading to the launch of the second explorer.exe. WTF? Single explorer.exe. not enough to work system now ?

As far as i know, Windows will create "RECYCLE.BIN" and "System Volume Information" folders on all connected storage devices, i think it is not possible to change that behaviour .

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