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[HELP] 14.04 Desktop installed on a mdadm raid 5 with 5x1TB drives

Posted on: Jun 26 2014 Category :Linux > Ubuntu Views: 961 | Subscribe

Hi all,Ok I am very frustrated with trying to install Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 on my HTPC/media machine. I want this machine to both download and host my TV shows and movies and also record TV. Alas I am stuck on this... Trying to create a raid 5 setup with 5 1TB hard drives. I partition the md0 raid drive into 2 partitions, one for swap and one for the actual storage. Then on /dev/sda I have 2 partitions, one 200MB (/dev/sda1) partition to install the grub bootloader for EFI and the rest of the 1TB on /dev/sda2. Oh yeah forgot to mention that, I'm installing this on a UEFI bios system. So the first time around with the installer I selected the bootloader to be installed on /dev/sda not /dev/sda1. The installer would crash at the grub-install part. Then I tried to setup the /dev/sda1 as a EFI boot partition and tell it to install the bootloader to that partition and still would get the same crash error.I tried to install the grub bootloader manually to /dev/sda but after reboot, nothing boots up.I have searched and searched online on how to do this and I can't seem to get a consistent answer out there. There's tons of examples for the server version of the install media but that doesn't help me since I want to run XBMC and record TV, therefore I need a GUI front end.Any help would be great and if we can get it fixed I recommend we sticky this as a guide for people new to trying to setup raid on linux with mdadm.I'm mostly experienced with windows systems and raid setup, so running linux on a raid setup is a little new to me.Any help will be greatly appreciated!-FurmanSK

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