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[Answering] How to increase the performance in server 2008 R2 for RDP users

Posted on: Jun 25 2014 Category :Windows > Windows Server General Views: 1011 | Subscribe

Hi,My application take to much time to load. If anyone double click on mail client the exe file will appear in task manager but it will open after 5 mins. how to increase the performance.My sever configuration is as below,SC2600 Intel  motherboard with total 24 core processors and 32 GB RAM and 8 TB Hard Disk. RAID 5 is configured which has two lungs one is 167 GB for C drive and other is 4.5 TB for D drive.There are 28 Thin-clients connected to server through L300 N computing Thin-clients.Thin-clients connect to V-space server installed in server for RDP users to get connected.we have installed around 20 applications including printer and scanner driver. And apps are has below,Firefox browser, windows mail, Adobe acrobat XI, canon printer and scanner drivers, Epson printer and scanner driver, E scan anti-virus, office 2007, v space, power ISO, win-rar,Tally and e token drivers and some backup software's.Below  are the services and features enabled,AD, File services, RDP, web server, Hyper-v, .net frame work.Is there a way to increase the performance .Very slow performance.

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