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[Answering] Mouse Freezing

Posted on: Jun 27 2014 Category :Windows > Windows8 General Views: 1126 | Subscribe

My mouse is having an issue where after about 10-20 minutes the mouse will simply freeze up. It will neither move nor click. Most of the time, both of my mice have this issue (one is a wired USB mouse, the other is the laptop's touchpad); though occasionally the touchpad will continue working. Unplugging and re-plugging in the USB does nothing. I uninstalled both mice and allowed the system to install fresh drivers, and this made a slight improvement--it was freezing after 20 second to 1 minute, not it is freezing after 10-20 minutes. It does not seem to matter what programs, if any, I am running for when this issue occurs. 

My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite C50D-AST3NX1. It came with Windows 8 pre-installed, and everything seemed to work fine. I updated to Windows 8.1 about two weeks ago, and everything seemed fine--the mouse issue cropped up later.

The system itself does not freeze, and still responds fine to keyboard commands. I do not have a touch screen. I have set my touchpad to be turned "off" if/when a USB mouse is plugged in. I attempted to update the drivers for both mice, but both came back as up to date. 

I attempted the fix here (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2908279/en-us) to no avail.

I am thinking of doing a back up of all my files and refreshing Windows back to vanilla 8, but I wanted to make sure that would work. In addition, I have run both an anti-virus an a malware scan, and both came back clean. 

Any ideas? 

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