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[Answering] Windows 8.1 random restarts when i browse internet "Unexpected kernel mode trap wdf01000.sys"

Posted on: Jun 19 2014 Category :Windows > Windows8 General Views: 969 | Subscribe

Hellotoday I installed windows 8.1 everything works great and the only software's I have is origin, Skype and Maxton browserbut whenever I open internet explorer or Maxton browser after 2 or 3 sometimes even one second the system goes blue screen says "Unexpected kernel mode trap wdf01000.sys"http://www.webchinupload.com/f/2013-11/8b2bf43f0d5774af91f0dcf67bc017b8.jpg it only happens when i'm browsing internet and always gives the same error wdf01000.sysWindows 8.1 Enterprise, system installed on ssd 120GB8GB ramcorei5radeon hd 6870sabertooth z77and here is the dump file in C:WindowsMinidumphttp://www.webchinupload.com/f/2013-11/faa1f85166d946b0101b6e820529e761.zipanother interesting thing is  i've tested if I play online games then brows internet it does not restartany help would be very much appreciated

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