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[Answering] Windows cannot access \\servername the network path was not found

Posted on: Jun 27 2014 Category :Windows > Win7networking Views: 1034 | Subscribe

I have a Windows 7 Enterprise client (it's my own workstation, and I'm the network administrator).  It's the only Windows 7 enterprise client in the building right now. Frequently this machines loses the ability to find one -- just one -- of the twelve servers  in our AD domain.

Symptoms: at some point after logon, it could be a matter of minutes, hours, or days, the Win 7 Enerprise client will "lose the ability" to find shared resources on a particular server -- not all servers, just on a particular one.  The resources could be file shares accessed via Windows Explorer, or by means of shortcuts, or they could be printers.  A common symptom of the problem can be seen in Windows Explorer: a drive mapped to a share on this server will appear with a red "X" next to it, after once having been connected; but, interestingly, drives mapped to shares on other servers will also have the red X, but if you click them the connection is restored immediately; not so on the server that gets lost.  The server that "gets lost" happens to be a file and print server that also functions as one of our three DC's, and is a GC, DNS, and DHCP server.  We have over one hundred clients connecting to shares on the very same server, in the same domain and subnet, with no trouble. 

Other facts: domain has been stable for nine years since conversion to AD. We are running WinServer 2003 SP2. DNS is functioning properly; I can ping the "lost" server by name even while I cannot connect to shared resources on the server with the \servernamesharename format; I can connect using the\IPaddresssharename format; but again, the issue is not DNS because the connection is lost after it is first established, not on the original attempt or at logon.  The Windows 7 Enterprise client is the only Win 7 client on the network that is used every day; all others are Windows XP machines.  The Windows 7 client had a clean Windows 7 install, not an upgrade from Vista; client was formerly a Win XP machine.   The only way to solve the problem and to restore the ability for the workstaton to be able to access resources on is a complete reboot of the workstation -- after which, everything is fine, at least for a while.

I have noticed many other similar posts, but all describe symptoms of the problem -- not the problem itself, which as far as I can see at this point is perhaps some sort of bug in Windows 7, or some other obscure issue.  On our network, the only thing that's changed is the operating system on that one Windows 7 Enterprise Edition computer -- that's it.

Any help, shared experiences, insights appreciated.

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